Domäne Wachau Now Distributed by Cassidy Wines.

 Cassidy Wines are delighted to now be distributing the wines of Domäne Wachau, Austrian Winery in Ireland.

Deeply rooted in the Wachau region, Domäne Wachau has close to 440 hectares of vineyards cultivated by the members of this quality-oriented cooperative. That makes up 30 percent of the entire Wachau vineyard area!

The Danube rover flows through the stunning Wachau Valley which is the coolest wine growing region ofAustria. The combination of warm days, cool nights and ancient rocky soils create wines of precision, minerality and fantastic purity of fruit.

Steep, terraced vineyards hug the Danube which moderates the continental climate, preserving vital flavour and acidity in the grapes. Loess and Gneiss soils give high levels of minerality and extract.

Much of the recent success at Domäne Wachau can be attributed to the dynamic young team at the winery headed up by Roman Horvath MW and winemaker Heinz Frischengruber.

The team have also made a vital contribution to the preservation of the Wachau Valley as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, made so as vine cultivation here can be traced to Celtic times. The dramatic, steep, terraced vineyards make it a challenging place to grow vines and, without their efforts, many of the vine growers would have abandoned the vineyards, losing in the process centuries of tradition as well as many ofAustria’s top viticultural sites.

The result of their efforts are wines of exceptional aroma, texture and length that combine drinkability with substance, structure and aromatic expression.

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