Pistonhead Lager. No nonsense beer!

Jump In…. Pistonhead is a way of life and the fun, cool and creative should come along for the ride. First brewed in 2011 in Sweden, it has come to be a beer synonymous with being at the forefront of innovation and creativity within arts and music.

We are not a pretentious bunch and we prefer to get dirty, greasy, sweaty and in amongst the crowd at the centre of any party. If there is no party, then we start one! We focus on the creatives. The people that make our lives better and more enjoyable. Our activity focuses on supporting, inspiring and sharing that creative work.

Cassidy Wines are delighted to now be distributing this range of craft lagers in Ireland, please click Pistonhead link for further information. Speak with your Sales Representative or call the office on 01 466 8900 to place an order now.