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A leading Italian winery that exports to 46 countries worldwide.

Castellani Spa is one of the leading Italian private wineries owned by the Castellani Family that started its export activity in 1903; today Castellani exports quality Italian wines to 46 countries in the world. The Company owns over 200 hectares of landed estate situated in the territories of Chianti Classico and in the prestigious area on the coast of Tuscany, Colline Pisane, planted to specialized vineyards where the vines are pruned and tended in ways that assure production of grapes of the finest quality, mainly noble Tuscan varietals such as Sangiovese.

A winery is located in each vineyard estate so that the grapes can be immediately pressed, vinified and refined in the best traditional way. Long-termed contracts with other producers consent to Castellani to control over 1000 hectares in the best wine-producing areas in central and southern Italy.




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