World class Pinot Noir since 1827

Since the first Black Cluster Vines were sold out of Tasmania in 1827, Tasmania has been recognised as a producer of quality Pinot Noir. Tasmanian Pinot first hit the world stage at the Paris exhibition in 1848 before the Tasmanian wine industry was lost for more than 100 years. A handful of visionaries began to revive the industry and amongst them were Bertel and Anne Sundstrup who established Dalrymple Vineyards in 1987.

Dalrymple Winery and Vineyards

It was the sloping hills overlooking Bass Strait that made the site unique and inspired the Hill-Smith family to purchase the vineyard in 2007, along with distinct single sites around Tasmania in their pursuit to produce the perfect single site Pinot. Despite its deep history, the world is only just discovering Tasmanian Pinot Noir.




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