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Wine estate Karp-Schreiber
Our family has been making wine at the Mosel since 1664, but our ambitions are not limited to the respect and preservation of traditional values.

The carp is as much part of the Moselle River as it is an integral part of our coat of arms. This remarkable tradition began as far back as 1664 with fishermen who not only practiced “Karp” (the Moselle Franconian word for “carp) fishing but also viticulture.

Around 1900, the Schreiber family joined the Karps through marriage and the Karp no longer had to swim alone, at least in name…

Today, Jobst-Julius Karp, the 13th generation of the family, manages this traditional wine estate. Having gained a degree in oenology and viticulture engineering from Geisenheim University. He toured the world of wine from California to New Zealand, from Australia to South Africa, and then back to Spain to gain experience beyond the horizon of his home country.




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