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St Mels Brewing Co. is committed to using the highest quality, sustainably grown Irish ingredients to produce a range of classic and modern beer styles.

Their state of the art facility allows our highly experienced team to create small batch brews combining modern techniques with traditional brewing methods. The first Irish Brewery to include a traditional Brown Ale and Helles Lager in its core range of classic bottled beers and also the first Brewery outside the U.S. to use the Neomexicanus hop variety in a commercial beer, St Mel’s Brewing has consistently bucked the trend of small beer producers.

St Mels Brewing Co. is the first Irish brewery to operate in Longford in over 150 years, and are committed to perfecting traditional beer styles while also developing innovative methods and using new ingredients to bring exciting new beers to the market.

Supplied in bottle, can and keg, their beers have won numerous honours over the years including the award for Irelands best Lager at the All Ireland Beer festival 2016.





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